Drew Brees Still Gets it Done

When you look at the statistics for NFL quarterbacks for the past ten years, Drew Brees will always be at the top. When I look at Brees, I really don’t think of him as just as a statistical sure thing and fantasy football marvel but more as the embodiment of a franchise and the city of New Orleans.  As a Forty Niner fan, I could only wish we had a player of his caliber and presence to capture my city and team. Instead we have a quarterback that can’t figure who he wants to be and has built a wall around himself with the public and media. No denying that Brees benefits from having a great passing arm with amazing accuracy but he also is a respected leader.

When the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was in full exposure to the whole country, there were few bright spots that happened in New Orleans. When the Saints pulled off of their Super Bowl run, it was Drew Brees who stood tall during that time. That’s when I became a fan because he was transcendent and was bigger than the game itself. You rarely see an athlete so humbled after a winning the big prize.

You don’t see a lot of professional athletes that want to be a spokesperson unless it involves a nice endorsement deal.  In all fairness there are a lot of professional athletes involved in philanthropic work.  Some would even be the type to help others if they were not rich and famous. Even though Kaepernick may think of himself as a spokesman or symbol for anti-oppression, he rarely speaks and thinks kneeling during the National Anthem is a statement that works. This isn’t an indictment of Colin Kaepernick, but I just picked on him because he quarterbacks my beloved Niners.  I guess I want a cool guy that throws accurate passes and doesn’t always have to explain his actions. In contrast again, Drew Brees moved to New Orleans and Katrina and has become a big part of the community trying to help through personal involvement in organizations.

This year, Brees is having an MVP type of season, and his Saints are struggling to get to the play offs.   Nothing has come easy for Brees throughout his career and getting the Saints back to the Super Bowl will be his toughest task.  He is getting up there in years in the realm of a football career and fortunately he has been able to stay reasonably healthy. He like Tom Brady are the best of the senior quarterbacks in the league and are a pleasure to watch except when they are playing your team. Meanwhile, you can try to get him on your fantasy football team and never be disappointed with his production. In all seriousness, when Brees does retire it will be sad because rarely do find a guy and public figure that everybody can root for.