Frank Gore…The Ultimate Teammate

December 14, 2016

In a world of Franks, first there is Frank Sinatra, then there is probably Frank Lloyd Wright, but the next big Frank could be Frank Gore. Most NFL players might know who Frank Sinatra is, most will not know who Frank Lloyd Wright is but they do know who the legendary Mr. Gore is. I have heard the stories of Frank Gore looking completely distraught after a football loss that still carries on today in the twilight of his career.  After a long career, those stories have been verified over and over again. Ask any current or former teammate of Frank Gore and they will tell you he is the ultimate teammate. He plays like every play could be his last from the beginning to the end of a game. He is all heart, all of the time.

Let’s just get the statistical stuff out of the way and mention that Frank is now 8th on the All-Time rushing list with 12,830 yards. If he plays next year which should be possible due to good physical shape and no current significant injuries, he can end up in the top five rushers of all time.   He also has over 3,300 yards of receiving and 74 touchdowns, good numbers that will land him into the Hall of Fame.  Ironically, it won’t be the stats that people will remember about him, or not having a Super Bowl Ring (could still happen), it will be his desire.  It such a clichéd word but Frank has shown for ten years that the typical 3 to 4-year career of an NFL running back doesn’t apply to him. What makes a player withstand that type of physical toll and still be an effective offensive weapon? its desire for success. He is Mr. Football.

When he left the Forty Niners, I couldn’t believe they let him go to another team. He is the glue guy in the locker room. He is not the drama dude on the team that needs so many touches with the ball that he will get pouty and want to be traded to another team. Sure, he wants the ball, he wants to carry the load but not at the cost of the team. He is a role model guy that every team needs, especially when it comes to teams that have a large amount of first- and second-year players.

Frank carried the load for so many Forty Niner teams and games it is wonder the guy can walk.   His durability is remarkable for a thirty-three-year-old running back that came out of the University of Miami with both knees surgically repaired.  He has had most of the common NFL injuries from concussions to busted knees to hips and back issues, but he has never missed a whole season.  I remember when he had the hip issue when he was on the Niners, but it didn’t keep him out of the lineup for too long. What goes on the trainer’s table is one thing but when Frank said he could play it was going to take some kind of referendum from management to keep him off of the field.

Frank is a throwback type player, old school, whatever you want to call it.  He doesn’t except losing, plays with pain, and speaks well of his teammates. It is difficult to capture Frank Gore in a short article but if go to YouTube you can see him in full display. Judge for yourself.