The NFL is Here…The Year of Mystery Begins

September 8, 2016

The NFL season has arrived and for some reason I don’t have my usual excitement. I will watch but right now it is not must-see TV. Maybe this will wear off as the season goes.  Maybe it’s because I am not playing Fantasy Football or gambling on a game like Cleveland versus Houston.  So, when you strip those things away, you have to just watch because you really like to see Cleveland and Houston play.

I found last year with all of the rule changes, televised games, at times were unwatchable.  Some teams racked up more penalty yards than rushing yards and the constant stoppage of play extended games into the four to five-hour timeframe. The commercial breaks become nauseating especially between quarters and halves. It has gotten to point where I will record a game and watch it back speeding through the breaks. You can watch a game in hour.  I know the NFL cringes when they hear this but until they see a drop off in viewership or attendance, not much is going to change.

Now we have to endure round two of Deflategate, endless Kaepernickgate and concussiongate.   So, this is what America’s number one sport has become, a barrage of messy situations. What gets lost in all of the tabloid hoopla is the sport and its franchises.  Who is going to win the whole enchilada this year?

I personally think that Seattle is coming back with a vengeance with Carolina, New England, Green Bay, rounding out the top four elites. The second tier of wannabes are Minnesota, Cincinnati, Pittsburg, Arizona, New York Giants and Kansas City. Then you have your teams that can surprise and those are Dallas, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Denver and Buffalo. You have to have a dark horse of the league and that is Oakland, who is legit this year with all their blue chippers coming of age. My secret surprise and intriguing pick is Baltimore who is basically not talked about by anybody.

This will be the year of the quarterback for the fact that it’s a year of who’s who. Who will be playing from week to week is anybody’s guess. Tom Brady is still everybody’s pick to pull off another championship run just because he will be ticked off and playing like a bad ass. There will be questions every year about who will ascend in their performance, but this year has more question marks than certainties. Here are my top five question marks; 1. Denver, who’s on first?  2. Dallas, can a cool hand kid come up big? 3. Was the 2015 Carson Palmer a mirage? 4. Is Russell Wilson the best Quarterback in the league?  5. What is the fate of Colin Kaepernick?

Okay, the opening night kick off is less intriguing for me but then again, I will probably watch and will be on board again. Even though, I have zero dollars invested in the season, I might find myself Jonesing for a taste of the gambling dough after getting hit with a slew of sites offering bets as low as dollar.  How is this legal? Duh…this is the NFL, aside from politics we look the other way when comes to anything that appears too messy to mess with. Now kick the damn ball!