Is God A Sports Fan?

January 12, 2017

God must be a sports fan. A lot of athletes seem to think the Almighty had a plan for their great play and victory.  Why would God pick one player over another?  Because God loves sports. Go with it please, don’t fight the urge to yell bad words at me.   But you say, “Why would God use his energies and great awesome powers to worry if one team beat another?”   The answer is fairly simple, God honors greatness and when a player has given their all, God rewards that type of action.  God wants that from all of us and wouldn’t that be the biggest lesson for all mankind?

Think of the big miraculous play called the “Hail Mary”.   Nine times out of ten that play doesn’t work and is the last gasp effort by the team that didn’t deserve to win.  God decided that because they didn’t give their best effort.  The one time out of ten that it did work, God answered the Hail Mary with the ball landing into the players hands that played with great passion and honor.   Again, avoid the bad words and stay with me on this.

Sometimes bad things happen on the sports field or court so why would God allow such things to happen?   Simple answer again, God can’t control injuries because that is the fragility of mankind.  We are not cyborgs and superheroes no matter how hard Hollywood tries to think they are among us.  We learn from our mistakes and injuries and hopefully God’s grace will be bestowed upon at your weakest point.   God doesn’t want injuries, God doesn’t want you to have a torn ACL or rotator cuff or wan t you to have to get Tommy John surgery.  God wants you to come back stronger and badder and then he will guide you on the path you need to be on.

Okay here’s the big one you need to consider and really yell at me if you need to.   So, the Chicago Cubs had to wait 109 years to win the World Series?  Are you kidding?  You say, “Why in Hell would God make the good people of Chicago wait that long to win the big one?”   I will take a shot at this and say, “Have you ever seen better fans than in Chicago?”  They have been so humbled and expect nothing every year but they still flock to the Mecca of baseball called “Wrigley Field”.    Every adoring baseball fan wants to go there and experience the place.   If the Chicago Cubs would have won five or ten World Series, they might have demanded a bigger and better stadium and the old joint might of be torn down.

Then there are the times that the bad guy wins, the team with the dirty players or the team that got lucky somehow won. Why would God allow that to happen?   YAWN….haven’t you missed a game or took no interest in who is playing.  Sometimes there is bigger fish to fry and God is not going to watch to see if the Seattle beats Jacksonville.   Now if you want throw Cleveland at me and why did those poor folks have to be tortured all of the time, all I can say is, LeBron James.   God only made one of those guys and they got him.  Peace out