Baseball Season Couldn’t Come Fast Enough

January 18, 2017

Here it’s only January and I have started Jonesing for baseball.   Lying in bed and hearing the rain pound on the rooftop may sound relaxing and peaceful but after three months of it I want to feel warm air and see a baseball being tossed.   Sure, we have football, basketball, hockey, soccer, wrestling, MMA and all of the others but they won’t do the trick.    You have to be a baseball freak to get it and I surely don’t expect anybody else to understand my need.

A friend told me about college baseball being played in January.   I checked into it and found the local college playing in January at our minor league team’s field.   He also told me that if they play at the minor league park you can order a beer.  Okay, baseball and beer are stupendous so all I need is some sunshine and I think I have my remedy in place.

Baseball gets criticized for the slow pace of play but those who do criticize don’t understand. If you want constant action and people running around, perhaps it’s not your cup of tea.   The reason I like it is because it’s a mental game more than a physical game.  I like the game unfolding at a slow pace because I am not in hurry.   If you are at the ball game and you are in a hurry for it to end, then maybe you should show up in the fifth inning.

I will be the first person to admit that I rarely watch every pitch of every inning when I have the ball game on television. The game is on and I can multi task.  I can cook dinner and can clean house, dig a hole outside and come back and still enjoy the game.  Baseball fans know this and we all do it.  Of course, when you go to the ball park its different, you are basking in the sunshine with a hot dog and cold drink, you are part of the game.   You enjoy the ambience of the park experience and usually have happy folks all around.  When you go to a football game there is always the element of loud obnoxious and boorish behavior.   The aggressive nature of the sport itself brings that out in the fan base.

Pitcher and catchers report to spring training in a month.   There is hope in the horizon and the countdown begins.  But first, the Super bowl has to be played and then the sports world goes into a breather before the spring time wildness begins.   Meanwhile I am going to grab my baseball glove and throw the ball to somebody.  It may be my wife and she will first resist but will have to give in.  Then maybe a trip to the batting cage and finally I break out the team paraphernalia to help with my baseball problem.