The Great Divide…Athletes and the Public

January 25, 2017

When you give millions of dollars to a young athlete in the world of professional sports don’t feel shocked when you hear about them getting caught doing ridiculous activities.   Money, fame, idolization, special privileges are the age-old recipe for a spiral down the hole of shame.  As much as all of this frivolity gets reported the more it keeps happening.   There is an endless amounts TMZ type reporting that is just waiting for these athletes to misstep, so they can fill their pages with juicy slander.  The cycle stays in motion as long as there is new material to feed it.

I can’t imagine someone giving me a million dollars when I was young.   When you grow up in a situation where money was scarce and then all of the sudden you have a posse of friends, what do think could happen?   Then you have the opposite effect where kids that grew up with a lot of money and privilege.  That money and privilege could manifest into spoiled brat syndrome and the young person becomes an unleashed monster.  The team management has to send in their handlers to help reign in the malcontents before the situations implode into a quagmire.

I can understand the professional’s athletes need to shield themselves from the overzealous clamoring fan base and their attempt asks for their time. Professional athletes are working in a high-pressure situation in which most of them can be replaced very suddenly. Injuries and a few subpar performances can send a lot of guys and girls packing.

Social media and the twenty-four seven press have sent most of the professional athletes into hiding. Last thing an athlete wants is to be seen in a bar having a beer have his mug shot on Facebook. These athletes also have endorsement deals that can’t have them shown in a bad light. The endorsement money is thrown around in bunches and with it comes the expectation to represent the products with dignity. The days of seeing your favorite athletes signing autographs at the shopping mall or a car lot are few and far between.

The more popular the athlete doesn’t mean that they get more news. The bad boys and girls will get more attention because of the gossipy nature of their lifestyle. Young kids want to wear the clothes styles that some of these athletes are representing or wear their jersey.

Not all professional athletes feel they owe nothing to society and don’t care about being a role model. The ones that do a lot of charity work and do wonderful things for their community rarely get mentioned. As long as there is some player who gets pulled over for drunk driving the story to report a great deed will get the backseat. It’s sad but it is no different than all of society, good news will get the five-minute mention at the end of newscast. Oh well, enjoy those five minutes of good news cause it’s all you are going to see.