2017 Step Up Your Game

December 31, 2016

Maybe 2017 can be the year everybody and everything is held accountable. Okay, that won’t happen but maybe you can hold yourself accountable and raise your game.   Since this is a sports themed blog let’s keep it in that perspective.  So take the activity and sport you have involvement in and raise the bar of your skill level.

Say you’re golfer, what are you going to do to shed a stroke or too?   If you are still shooting over 100 on the course, then you certainly have a lot of room to improve.   It’s time to take a couple lessons, buy a club that actually complements s your swing or have your swing analyzed.    I personally can’t stand the fact that one time I will have a great round then the wheels completely fall off the next time.   I reached the point where it bugs the hell out of me and start throwing clubs.   When you start throwing your sports equipment it’s time to hit the sports psychologist’s couch for some needed therapy.

Most of us are weekend warriors and rely on our activities and hobbies to create passion and excitement in our routine life.   When I can find a new way to do things and discover a break through, the level of curiosity and focus goes up a notch.  The curiosity and focus builds and the doors open up to even more new ideas for improvement.    The next step is to turn your discoveries into habits.  The habits will need constant reinforcement and then you will see some really good progress.

It can be overwhelming to break the old ways of doing things and most of time it comes down to time spent improving skills. For instance, I like to play guitar and know that just playing a song is great but learning a new riff or tone is even more enjoyable.   Or perhaps when I work out at the gym, I want to add more intensity to my circuit just to get a challenge.  Most people get more out of life when they challenge themselves and have a goal in mind.

The big grey area in all of this pop psychology is attitude.   The word can be a big can of catchy slogans and sayings that get thrown around and it doesn’t stick in your brain.   The underlying factor of any great sports performance is confidence and that’s the attitude that will carry you far.  It’s a little thing in your brain that tells you that you can handle the situation.   Confidence doesn’t come naturally but in the forms of levels and time-tested successful performances. There is no magic wand to getting confidence, but it starts by having a plan to improve your skills.   I find that when I track my performances and set small goals that I find my most progress.

Lastly, after you have made some progress in your endeavors there comes a time to share your experiences.   It’s okay to gloat and announce to the world on social media that you finally broke 80 on the golf course.  You may irritate some but most of your circle of peeps with be happy for you and will want to know what you did to reach your goals.   Others may imitate or follow your advice which will give you more satisfaction.   So make 2018 your year to put a goal in your sights because the when you are on the journey you will learn about yourself and what it takes to get what you want.

Happy New Year !