Mailperson, We Like You

Is being a mail deliverer a good job? I want to think it is acceptable employment. Think about it, you’re outside, walking, you have thundersticks for legs and no bosses are around to hound you. Sure, it’s a far cry from the pay of an investment banker but who really inspires to be one when they are a kid. Yah you make some good dough, but it looks like a lot of the same crap every day. “Let’s make ten million dollars and call it a day.”  You do that all day long and it gets boring just like setting widgets on an assembly line. Just another mode for making money then you go home and talk to your loved ones about the exciting numbers you saw on the computer screen. Now, when you are a mail delivery person, you can see all kinds of new things all day long. You can fight off vicious dogs one day and next day sexy women want to invite you inside to discuss the Publishing Clearing House sweepstakes. People generally like you when you are the mailperson except when you keep bringing them bills and a boatload of catalogues.