Old Man Strength

I heard about the phenomenon of “old man strength.” I tend to believe in it. As I get older, I know I am not as strong as my younger days. Old man strength is the wisdom that we obtain through the years. Old men can kick a younger man’s butt by throwing the right punch at the right time, like when the other guy isn’t looking. See… that is wisdom.  Old men can kick you in the balls when you aren’t expecting it. Old man can pretend they are enraged which can be scary for a younger person.  Old man strength is how “Jedi Mind Tricks” was thought up. Old man strength means you don’t have to fight fair.  It something that happens naturally to old men like getting up to pee in the middle of the night.  As you get older your reserves of patience begin to dwindle with the same old bullshit of bad behavior by the human race. When we lose our patience, it can spill over into a psychotic shit show and we our possible of anything.  We can throw our dinner plates across the room or slam the door off its hinges when we lose it. Don’t mess with an old man when he reaches this state of rage. God forbid if the guy is liquored up or didn’t take his meds. Old man strength is real.