Drinking No No’s

Everybody who likes to indulge with an alcoholic beverage now and then can name a type of booze or concoction they stay away from.  This drink, at one time or maybe more has sent them to the porcelain temple to make a deposit. I tend to shy away from drinks that come in tall glasses and look like a Slurpee. That’s a for sure headache along with being a lethal combination of sugar and alcohol which can make you do stupid things like sing Karaoke on a cruise ship.  You may think you sound good, but you really tortured everybody with your rendition of “Another One Bites the Dust.”  People will see you around the boat and make it a point to avoid interaction with you.  Stick to what you know unless you want to take a chance and have a Fuzzy Navel and see what happens to you.  You might start talking some gibberish about how you want to do more for mankind. Start by not having a second one.