Dog Walking

There are a few types of dog walkers.  First is the dogwalker who has firm control of the dog leash and walks with a consistent pace. This pace is to keep the dog in exercise mode and less distracted from the usual hazards of cats and other dogs. I give these dogwalkers credit for getting their dog exercised and some exposure to the outside world.  I have an office window which allows me to look out at the sidewalk in front of our home. I see those walkers who are moving at a fast pace and will even drag their dog to keep them moving forwards. Dog walking is more about themselves and their own personal exercise and not the dogs. They just want the task to be over as fast as possible and no pooping or peeing is permitted. Sniffing is not allowed and absolutely no marking of bushes. Then you have those who let their dog mosey down the street and pee, poop and sniff to their hearts content. My front yard is lined with fresh pee everyday by these walkers. When my dogs get outside, they head for the fresh pee like they have new email. This is called socializing your dog and I think it has its limits. Now I have to stock poop bags in my yard for those who consider pooping part of this routine. There is nothing I can do about it unless I want to stand outside like a security guard watching for bad behavior. The trend is leaning more to this type of dog walking. I am sure in the near future there will be dog lounges set up along the routes for dog walkers.