Black Stretchy Pants

Black stretchy pants have clearly overtaken jeans as the pant of choice for women. You won’t hear men complaining because of the obvious focus on the posterior. You won’t hear women complain because it seems like a quick and easy thing to throw on. Do you even have to iron those things? These pants could be laying on a bedroom floor for days and a female can put these on without anybody knowing the neglect they have been given. Of course, there are many colors to choose but black is the most popular. I even saw a flesh colored pair adorned by a tall blond woman which caused my neck to become wrenched for hours. Those should be outlawed because the havoc they can create. I just hope these pants never become men’s fashion go to. They cannot ever replace my scrubby cargo pants no matter how much my wife pleads to get rid of them.  Us men have always gotten away with quick and easy clothing, it’s called the “Tee Shirt.”  We can wear them everywhere; to work, for play and to dinner and we won’t be judged as much as a woman would if they started wearing them like us. They have their t shirts, but they always seemed to be much more fashionable and ironed. I guess the black stretchy pant thing is here to stay, unless loose and baggy makes some kind of comeback. Let’s hope not.