When Sports Coverage Becomes a Hollywood Tabloid Show

March 22, 2016

Twenty-four-hour news coverage of sports is great for all sport fans and employment for all of the thousands of folks who make it happen. But all of this microscopic coverage of the major sports has reached the point where it rivals the tabloid Hollywood television programs for real content.  It’s not only television but also sports talk radio which is becoming less about sports but more about airing juicy stories about athletes innocuous behavior or their latest contract negotiations.  I can only take so much listening to this babble before I have to turn it to the news station for a traffic report or public radio to learn about the depletion of the frog population of northern Vermont.

When I do listen in on the sports talk radio banter, I get more of a kick out of the passionate listeners who call in to voice their opinion about how bad Johnny Manziel is acting in public. Really?   To be put on the air to talk to a broadcaster about this irrelevant crapola?  I am trying to understand this behavior and what does it really have to do with sports. The programs that cater to this type of listener must work hard to find the kind of stories that will find listeners, (mostly men who have little to do) that are compelled to call in. Because I listen every so often, I must secretly like to hear this type of story and the throngs of men who have to voice their opinion from Deflategate to Bryce Harpers latest comment.

I like to watch my sports and sometimes listen to a game recap but send me off to bed when the discussion turns to table of ex jocks guy’s yucking it up about the game sporting expensive suits.   I truly get the economics of the sporting industry and the need to make it into an entertainment experience.  What I really like to see in sporting coverage is more emphasis on why the sports we watch are great, not tabloid style gossipy ramblings.

I find sports most interesting when I see athlete excelling in a masterful way. I am curious to know how they train what do they do separate themselves for their competition. I am curious about all sports besides just football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer. Have you ever wondered how a competition cliff diver practices or how a professional wrestler trains?   I know this isn’t mainstream stuff, but I find it a helluva lot more interesting then LeBron James contract situation.  The fans in Cleveland might disagree but then again, Cleveland is starving for a championship trophy of any kind. This is why I enjoy the Olympics because you get to see things you rarely see and the athletes that dedicate their lives for the event.

Next time you turn on the radio to the one of these sports programs that likes to dig up tabloid horse manure, call them up and chew them out about their programming. I know that controversy sells, but only because it is a reflection of everything that is bad in the world. Take the high road and go shoot some hoops at the gym instead, you will feel better.