Get Up…Get Movin

February 16, 2016

Football is over except rumblings about players acting badly. Hockey is done messing around with the first half of season, now it’s time for “old time hockey” and the drive to the Cup.  Baseball is heading down south where there is no snow on the field. March Madness isn’t quite mad at this point and the NBA is experiencing a history making team. The Olympics are gearing up for the summer and golf and tennis are just a blip on the radar. Big wave surfing is in full swing and alpine skiing is exciting to watch if you can find it on your television.

This is a good time of the year to not watch sports and get into the gym. It could be time to take some golf lessons or start jogging around the high school track. I personally dusted off my bicycle and almost rode a mile. The knees popped and the legs were a little wobbly, but it felt like progress. Its time to put the beer can down, get out of the recliner, gulp a protein shake and shoot some hoops.  Even if it’s raining or snowing outside, gear up, toughen up and run around the block like an Ironman. Take off the clothes hanging on the elliptical machine and crank out twenty minutes of sweat and pain.

You get a chance to reinvent yourself every winter before things warm up and you walk outside with shorts and a tank top on. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk outside sporting some new muscles, ones that look bigger and less wimpy? For me, I want to start lifting a little weight but even more important, I want to be able to touch my toes and feel more limber. They say having tight hamstrings results in back pain. Who hasn’t had back pain? Stretching is the least expensive of all exercise programs, unless you hire a coach to yell at you to hold your legs and keep your head down. I began stretching in bed. I discovered this little jewel of a trick after having an excruciating leg cramp in bed that felt like someone dug an ice pick into my calf. As you get older, getting a sports type injury in bed is as about as bad as it can get.

So today make it a day to challenge yourself with an activity that requires some sweat or at least some grunting. Shoveling snow doesn’t count but if you are in snow country, strap on some cross-country skis and trek on down the road and hopefully not fall down. I am going to go bike riding today and extend my journey to two miles. Who knows where this could lead, maybe I have to buy those shiny shorts and fancy shirts and get really serious.