Jason Day has the PGA Championship in Sight

August 16, 2015

Jason Day has been there, done that, being the leader or in contention on the final day of a Major. The problem that he and everybody knows is that if he doesn’t win this championship, he will continue to carry around the crown of “I could have been a contender”.  Marlon Brando and I are pulling for him, in a serious way. One major issue he has to contend with is Jordan Speith, the elephant in the room. Speith is surging with an amazing round of 65 on Saturday.

If you don’t know Jason Day’s story, it is not one of despair, just a lot of good performance that have not yielded him a PGA Major victory. He has been so close in the Masters, the British Open and the US Open, but only to be surpassed in a case of the last day follies.

The final rounds in professional golf are the most nerve racking that requires a Superman effort to contain. I don’t know how the players deal with pressure because it is so personal and each player must go inward to find some inner mojo.  Hopefully your caddy can keep you from shanking into a sand trap or water hazard. The stories are long and painful of the golfers who let victory out of their grasp. On the contrary, most times it is because another player steps up and plays a masterful round with an array of birdies and deadly putting.  Not sure if Justin Day or Jordan Speith will win today or some raging bull from lower down on the board.