The Golden State Warriors and “The Season”

April 16, 2016

Winning seventy-three times out of eighty-two games is called domination. You don’t luck yourself into that many victories especially when are playing in the Western Division of the NBA.  The Chicago Bulls fans have nothing to be bitter about because this is not about breaking their record. I know that the Bulls fans first reaction is to defend their beloved team which is natural.  This is about a team that despite naysayers continues to prove itself by doing thing differently than other teams. In addition, the Warriors have been good for basketball, they have brought the casual fan to the game and they like what they see.

Yes, they shoot a lot of jump shots and that is because they are more accurate than most others.  They don’t need to pound the ball into the low post to get a score. I’ve watched plenty of their games to know how they generate good offensive looks at the basket. It is their defense.  They get so many shots because they defend well and get the ball up the court quickly to get the flow of players moving in and out. They use their team speed and passing skills to create diversions and for Curry and Thompson to get a good squared up look at the basket. They both have quick releases to avoid defenders getting a hand in their face.

The Warrior season is one where you saw a team of 12 to 14 players all play a significant role in their success. Even when the less used players get into the game, they know is about ball movement and striving to find the best shot.  This is why the Warriors were tops in team assists.  What gets overlooked is the defense of their big guys in the paint. I have never seen Andrew Bogut play better by contesting everything coming his way. Of course, there is Draymond Green who will guard anybody at any time.

The Warriors are a likeable bunch of guys and it shows on the court and off the court. Their selfless play is exemplified in the way the bench accepts their roles and the egos are in check.  You don’t hear about players griping for playing time or holding out for more money.  They get it the formula, if you are part of a winning team, everybody benefits.  The younger players are being mentored into the winning formula which will only work in their favor as their career progresses.  For instance, look at the New England Patriots, one player and one coach are the only constant figures through the most of 2000’s. Both Tom Brady and Bill Belechick have brought a level of professionalism, a hardcore winning attitude and consistent system of operations to build their winning franchise. It is the same for the San Antonio Spurs.  The owners and Gregg Popovich have had a small core of players for a long time and they have built a formula of success in the NBA that is second to none. The Warrior organization wants to be the new Spurs for the years to come.

Lastly, it most pointed out that there is an appearance of joy in the Warriors team. It helps to be good and have an incredible player like Stephen Curry but he seems to have more fun than anybody.  He laughs on the court with his teammates and is first one to congratulate others on the squad.  The Warriors do have some fiery players in Draymond Green and Andrew Bogut that are there to bring the intensity level up when things get too lackadaisical.  When you only lose nine times the whole year, it goes beyond just talent, it is the ability to strive for constant excellence and play with a love for the game.