Stephen Curry: Sometimes the Young Guys Rule Too!

March 4, 2016

Stephen Curry the all world point guard for the Golden State Warriors and reigning MVP is becoming one those athletes whom is relished for being a good ambassador for the sport. He carries himself with confidence and pride, but it also looks like he is playing with a lot joy. On contrary, in the media, more and more quotes and articles are attributed to ex-professional basketball bemoaning his skill set, style of play and the overall ability to compete in their era.  These guys can’t help themselves from sounding like bitter old men. Can it be they just want to have an opinion that they think is truly debatable. When you dig up quotes from players who played forty years ago, the more ridiculous the opinion appears.

I can understand fans giving it their best shot and comparing their beloved team and athletes of days gone by to the current crop of offerings. This type of bar top analysis is just what it appears to be, hypothetical mish mash that is better served with more beer. The backlash from some current ex-basketball players saying that Stephen Curry would not be as successful in their era is embarrassingly false.   Stephan Curry would be good, possibly great in any era, hand downs because he possesses the skills of what makes other players great. He is a proficient shooter, very quick and hard to defend, amazing ball handler and skilled passer. I don’t see how that doesn’t to translate to any court, anytime, any era. Nonetheless, the whole Golden State Warrior team also gets scrutiny because they are so good, another reason for the old guys to feel threatened and need to stick up for their eras.

The breakdown and comparison of eras crosses all sports. It crosses all cultures, all upbringings, all past days of glory and every elderly person will defend their time in the sun. I am no different in saying how when I was a kid, I played baseball every day during the summer and didn’t need an adult to organize it. Now kids need a league to play in and they also are playing year-round.   We could play any sport any time anywhere and then there where the games we made up because we didn’t have the proper equipment. We were self-sufficient, rode our bikes to the park, not in Mommy’s SUV and played until we were done, not when they parents said so.  We developed our sports skills with our buddies and we also learned by watching the great athletes on TV. There, you have my bitter old guy appeal for my era.

If Stephen Curry was around when I was ten years old, you be damn right I would try to copy his game. Just think, I would be shooting 20-foot jumpers and dribbling behind my back.  Oh wait, we did have guys like that, Pete Maravich, Dr. J, Nate Archibald, Jerry West and best of all, we had the Harlem Globetrotters. After all, isn’t sports supposed to be joyful to watch? If a player is so fun to watch or a team plays with great precision and skill, that is the sport in its finest moment.