Kwahi Leonard versus Draymond Green

January 22, 2016

They seem to be the same type of player playing the same position for teams that play similar.   Both guys are very good defensive players, both progressing as two-way players that are ascending in skill level. Arguments always get started when you start comparing this guy to that guy but both in this case, I am not arguing who is better but how they more how similar they are.

Kwahi Leonard was defensive player of the year last year with Green coming in second and this year he is also leading the league in three-point percentage. His offensive skills are getting better, like his ability to create his own shot which is the true mark of a good offensive player.   His touch and jump shooting rhythm are more consistent along with ball passing. Leonard possessing both length and quickness are the hallmark for a prototype NBA body. Leonard is also a quiet battler and good teammate who fits in perfectly into Greg Popovich’s offensive scheme.    On the defensive side has to ability to match up and guard 90% of the players in the NBA.  I wouldn’t put him out on the perimeter, but he has done it when called upon.  Leonard is a complete shutdown defensive player whose quickness and length allow him to fill space in the zones.  He helps out the ageless Tim Duncan crash the boards and move the rebounds out to fast breaks about as well as anybody in the league.

Draymond Green is force in every game for the Warriors. The one game he missed this year turned out to be a loss to Utah. Draymond Green is a chameleon on the court, he has basically played every position at times and feels comfortable doing it. Green currently leads the league in triple doubles (rebounds, assists and points) with eight. Of course, it helps to be playing alongside of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, but he is excelling immensely. Green is hitting threes and moves the ball really well in the weaving offense of the Warriors. Green is ferocious on defense this year, playing even better than last year. Green is all over the defensive side and has the uncanny ability to get position on bigger and taller players.

Both of these guys are invaluable to their teams and wouldn’t have the record they do without them. They both make everybody around them better by being smart and focused. Green is a vocal leader while Leonard is quieter, but the results appear to be the same. They both are six-foot seven weighing around 230 pounds and Green is 25 and Leonard is 24. Both them are contractually locked out for years with their teams and will be competing against each other for a long time. Good for the NBA and good for us fans. Looking forward to the showdown on January 25th, Spurs at Golden State. Salute Kawhi Leonard and Draymond Green!