Kelly Slater, Not Just a Surf God

August 5, 2015

Kelly Slater is one of the best athletes ever to come out of the United States, and he is not really a household name. Why is that? Because he rides waves and he is not one seek out the media, the media finds him.  He is not only the most decorated surfer since it has been a considered a competitive sport but also a great ambassador and philanthropist. What else could you ask for in a professional athlete?

Slater excels in a professional sport that doesn’t pay millions and millions for performance.  As of 2015 has earned around four million in purses since his start in 1990. Yes, that is 1990, Slater is forty-three years old and still kicking butt.  He is a true role model for any athlete that takes his craft seriously with dedication, respect and passion.  One doesn’t realize what it takes physically to compete as a pro surfer which requires tremendous strength, balance and most of all confidence in your skills.

Slater has been ranked number one on the ASP World Tour eleven times and won more tour events than anybody. He was the youngest to be crowned at the age of 20 and the oldest at the age of 39. He has surfed the world over and over and has found his favorite places to be Pipeline in Oahu, Hawaii and Kirra in Australia.

Slater was born on February 1, 1972 in Cocoa Beach Florida, where he still owns a home. He became obsessed with surfing at an early age and became really good in his early teens. He was able to turn pro in high school and was soon traveling the world.

In addition to being an immortal surf god, Slater is a fine guitar player, a +2-handicap golfer, practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and has been in countless television shows and movies. As you see he uses his mind and body to a high potential and lives his life to his own drummer.

Slater supports a number of charities such as Reef Check, which mission is protecting reefs in California. Slater is on the Board of Advisors for the Ocean Advocacy Advisory Board and the Sea Shepherd Conversation Society. He is also a fundraiser and spokesperson for suicide prevention awareness.  He has surfed in events for Surfers against Suicide.

Lastly, in 2010 he was honored by the US House of Representatives for his outstanding and unprecedented achievements in the world of surfing and for being an ambassador of the sport and excellent role model. Kelly Slater is definitely one rare individual that keeps excelling when others retire at much earlier age. What an inspiring guy for us older folks and role model for all of the youngsters.