Sports Roll on through the Summer Heat

September 11, 2015

I was at the park today and it was 100 degrees outside and a youth soccer team was practicing. These were kids ranging in ages 7 to 8 years old. The coach had them running drills and jogging while he was barking out commands. The coach (Sargent Slaughter) had no water cooler, no shade cover and was nowhere near a tree. Was this some kind of boot camp for kids that their parents thought would toughen them up? I wasn’t pleased with this type of coaching but then again, I am not coaching youth soccer. I just wonder if these kids will start hating this coach and dreading soccer after this type of behavior. 

This has been a brutal summer will heat temperatures staying high for long periods of time.  Is this the new normal? If so, we will have to make extra efforts to avoid the risk of heat exposure and the effects. I saw a neighborhood worker who was doing some lawn maintenance faint in an afternoon heat blast. It is an epidemic that is going to sneak up on everybody that doesn’t except the fact that the sun is getting harsher.

When it comes to our precious sports and the effects of the high heat and humidity, how many deaths does it take before the reality takes hold? Every team, every sporting event needs to take into consideration that a small little water bottle is not the only answer. For a little more effort and equipment, heat stroke and exhaustion can be avoided, not to mention skin exposure issues. The new normal should be hydration and shade along with training for signs of heat exposure.

Have you ever heard of the footrace through the desert called Badwater? It is an ultra- marathon over a hundred miles and takes place in the Mojave Desert with temperatures rising over 110 degrees. I know there are some extreme sports out there but this one pushes the human body to the limit. I am still trying to uncover the reason why this race is appealing.  I know self-torture could be one reason, self-hate or it most likely it’s the people that want high achievement.  I am not sure what the prize money is but, I am sure it not getting much TV money. So, the point being made here is, with the extreme heat not going away, these types of races are going to be the new normal.