Spartans vs. the Wolverines and 100,000 Fans

October 16, 2015


There are plenty of storied college football match ups and rivalries to write about, such as Notre Dame and USC, Alabama and Auburn, Nebraska and Oklahoma but I am choosing Michigan and Michigan State.   The reason is because they are both really good this year and you have the lightening rod of Head Coach Jim Harbaugh bringing his surging team against the 7th ranked and undefeated Michigan State Spartans.

They will lock up on Saturday in Ann Arbor at Michigan stadium with a crowd to exceed 100, 000. “The Big House” is the largest football stadium in the United States. Since Michigan State has won the last seven games, this game is huge for Michigan and their frenzied fan base. There is a lot at stake in this game because the winner with probably go on to win the Big Ten title and get a trip to the Rose Bowl.

As far as this rivalry, Michigan has won a lot more at 68-34-5, but this game stands as one that could go either way. Harbaugh is getting all of hype now that his squad has been beaten their last five opponents quite handedly with dominating defense, physicality and great special team play.  Michigan State fans are saying that they do not get the respect they should but that is an often-played card in college football.

Sure, Notre Dame plays USC this weekend and Florida plays LSU, Alabama and Texas A&M square up, but I want to hear 100,000 fans going berserk when this game starts and Harbaugh is wound up like a ten-day clock.  It’s a great weekend to watch all of these games or even go see your local college playing.  The tickets are cheap, the food is always good and fans act differently than the pro football variety. That’s not a slam on NFL fans but college football fans have deep roots to their alma mater, or some have ties to the school that go beyond just city affiliation.   I like to hear when the fans are chanting or singing in unison in pure joy for team. Cheers to Michigan and Michigan State football, let the rivalry go on!