Born to Run Author: Christopher McDougall

June 5, 2014

Bruce Springsteen did not inspire this book, but an Indian tribe in Mexico did. It has nothing to do with music but has everything to do with running. I heard about this book as being entertaining, thought provoking and myth breaking in it approach, and it delivered. Prior to reading this book, I knew nothing about running. If I ever decide to pursue running, I would have a solid basis of book knowledge.

The book pulls together storytelling, history and technology in one page turning combination. The book introduces to the readers, a case of real-life characters that all have a love for long distant running.  The author answers some big questions such as; why did our ancestors outlive the stronger and smarter Neanderthals? Why do expensive running shoes increase the odds of injury?   Just the fact that these questions are being asked is enough for me keep plowing through this book.

Born to Run centers around the discovery of the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico and their and running habits.   The book credits them as the greatest long-distance runners in the world. Their simple approach to running is what is so captivating. They have no real secrets except they enjoy running more than anything else. They can run forever without the perils of injury and training. It is amazing testament to our all of ancestry and how running has always been part of the human experience.

Along the way the author, Christopher McDougall intertwines his running abilities, other ultra-marathoners and the Taramhama. He puts together a great story of these cast of characters coming together for a conclusion.  Also, McDougall puts together his arguments and theories about running and the current state. Lastly, the one thing I can pull from this book that I can always remember; if you are running, just relax and enjoy the experience. If its feels like work, you’re working too hard. Well, we have to see about this.