The New Torture…Ultra, Ultra, Ultra Marathons

January 19, 2016

 I caught a little news blurb recently about an American woman attempting to run seven marathons in seven days on seven continents. Wow…. now that is some accomplishment, the first time to be done by an American woman. Her name is Sarah Ames, an attorney from Chicago.  The journey begins in Antarctica where she will run in frigid weather while the penguins look in wonder. I don’t know where it goes after that, possibly South Africa. I am defiantly impressed with anybody who trains for a marathon and can finish the race. One percent of one percent of the population can’t even run 5 miles or kilometers without wanting to take a break. Run seven of these races in seven days and you’re talking about some type of super freak running machine.

Running twenty-six miles a day for a week is something the ultra-marathoners thrive on and has become a feat that many have pulled off, but only a handful have attempted the seven-continent aspect. I can’t see her going through customs, security and baggage claim and airport parking without some kind of special sponsorship. Is Red Bull promoting this thing?  She must be on some of kind private jet and she doesn’t have to run through an airport waiting to get through bag checks.  So not only is this a feat in running but how to bypass logistical nightmares call international flying. Not sure if this qualifies as the ultimate endurance test but it can be surely is up there on the list of navigating through pain in the butt air travel.

I am not sure, but she must end in Russia then jaunt on over Alaska to meet Sarah Palin who can see her coming.   In all seriousness, this is a pretty impressive on all fronts and will check off another item on the list of human endeavors. This is part of some kind of challenge put out there by a group masochist with a suitcase of money that want to see how many takers are available.  It is appearing the list is long and growing because the vast need for more types of personal physical challenge.

The sporting landscape has exploded with endurance based and strength training events. In our world of Tough Mudder and countless copycat type activities, the challenge is to be your own super athlete. The ability to train yourself or find likeminded athletes has become more and more easier. The landscape is changing in America as far as personal training is concerned. It is not enough just to become fit, people want to compete and challenge their fortitude and give their life some meaning.  It is our nature as Americans to explore and find the next mountain and running an ultra-marathon fulfills that desire. I better get back in the gym.