Body Hair, To Be or Not to Be

Sometimes I envy those fellows who have decided that body hair will never be an issue to worry about. They will let all of their hair that grows on the body go unattended until further notice. This includes all ear, nose, back, neck, face, pubic and chest hair. And how can I forget, eye brows. Most men don’t have to worry about eye brow hair, but I have seen plenty that could sure use a little manscaping.

I think if you let it all go unattended for a great length of time you will begin to look repulsive to most of the opposite sex. Unless of course you can find a partner who either has a fetish for this or is a natural person.

 I wonder about the men who grow their sideburns so long that they can comb it into their regular scalp hair. Don’t they know this look went out in the 1890’s. When I see nose hair that grows into a mustache I wonder if the guy owns scissors or a mirror. I myself have to fight ear hairs that can go undetected for weeks until they sprout out to a length that look like antennas.  Chest hair is usually the last thing that gets trimmed. Most guys don’t have enough to worry about.  But when it starts growing above your shirt collar it is time to put to rest the werewolf look.  Unless you like to undo the top buttons and wear gold chains then what is the point?  Back hair has its own classification. When a guy with a hairy back whips off his shirt at the pool…just wait a few seconds until the eyes of judgement reign upon him. Poor bastard must be given credit for the bold move. 

Lastly, we have the pubic area which is not as critical because it comes down to one thing.  Does the hair cover up your manhood so much it is missing in action?  If so, be careful not to rush too quickly into battle.  There are choices to be made, such as scissors, electric trimmers, wax, Nair and matches.  I don’t recommend matches because the smell of burning hair is horrendous.  I go with the electric trimmer until I feel safe enough that skin is nowhere near cutting blades. Like I said before, you can bypass all of the body hair correctness by going full manly manliness, but I warn of the consequences.