The Routes You’ll Never Forget - Road Trippin’ Issue 2

The roads and highways that you have traveled that have breath-taking beauty are hard to forget. Some of these routes I have only been through once, but they have never left my memory of what they revealed. I know I can put these roads on that list;

(1) The Redwood Highway in Northern California. This stretch of road winds through enormous groves of redwood trees that rise a few hundred feet above you. You feel like you are in some other world giving meaning to word enchanted forest.

(2) The route through the Continental Divide in Colorado. Drifting through the high elevations and the various passes over 10,000 feet is a sight to take in. You can stop and enjoy the views of where east meets west. 

(3) Driving through Yosemite Valley for the first time will make your jaw drop. There is a reason that this special place inspires millions of people to keep coming back. Waterfalls and granite peaks make every person who arrives to break out their camera. 

(4) The flat fields of Kansas may sound boring to some, but those images have never left my memory. You can see for miles. For instance, when you see a wheat silo you think that has to be just up the road but is actually its seven miles away. You become infatuated in guessing how far away structures are down the road.

(5) The road to Cooperstown New York to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Driving throughout the Catskills in the summer was special.  For one thing, I was excited to see the Hall of Fame but as a Californian driving through rolling green hills in the summer is something you don’t see in the western halve of the United States. 

(6) The road to Sedona Arizona is tucked away in the middle of the state as part of Red Rock Country. When you get close to Sedona you can see the reddish mountains awaiting your arrival. They have a presence like none other and you are drawn to them like a magnet. Without getting metaphysical on you, I have to say that you feel something different about yourself when you arrive. You feel a calming and presence of something unique. No wonder they have a connection to UFO’s.

(7) Driving in the high desert of New Mexico to Ghost Ranch, the place Georgia O’Keefe painted for decades. The high desert with its soothing light and magnificent multi-layered cliff walls, red hills and mesas surround you on your road trip.  You can see why she came here and didn’t want to leave.

I can go on and list other routes that are forever accessible in my brain.  There are so many other trips I want to take and will try to get one or two in a year. I still want to do more travel in the southern US. I have driven through northern Georgia which is so lush and beautiful. There is a little German town called Helen which brings back great memories.  The northern states are still awaiting me and especially the fall colors. I still haven’t seen the rock formations of Utah or Yellowstone Park just to name a few.  As long as I can drive, I will keep exploring and taking in the great roads of the USA.

Redwood Highway.jpg