Road Trippin' Issue 4 - The Vehicles We Love to Hate

Every driver has a car in which they have a disdain for. Mine happens to be the Priuses, please forgive me owners. The egg-shaped little car makes my blood pressure rise and then I have bad thoughts. I take a deep breath and ignore their presence like dirty laundry and dishes. These elevations in blood pressure increase happen when I see them driving in the fast lane. They have all right by law to be in the lane, but I have always viewed their presence in the far-left lane as a violation of civility. Why do I have this hatred? Do I need therapy?

It all started when they were the first car to be allowed to drive solo in commuter lanes, just because they had a little sticker on their bumper. Then when they got in the commuter lane they felt safe and could drive below the normal traffic flow. It was like they were giving us the middle finger. I know I am not alone in my thoughts.

I cannot find myself purchasing one because I also detest the shape. No style and so generic, so commie. I am sure the Ford Pinto took abuse so maybe it is normal behavior. Now the roads are filled with copy cat versions and the future is clear. If you want a car that is sexy looking and fast, then you will be judged as a narcissistic jerk who doesn’t care about the environment. As long as I don’t see a Prius pick up truck then I feel there is something left for us angry self-centered drivers.