Recliners, Man’s Real Best Friend

        I was at the mall following my wife around. She knows this is one of my most loathed activities on this planet. She was tired of my moaning and groaning so she dragged me into a couple of shops that I might like. One was Victoria’s Secret and the other was Brookstone.  Victoria’s Secret was okay until I got shot down for one of my suggestions of lingerie. Fredericks of Hollywood, Victoria’s competition is geared for those who like their undies on the skimpy side.

        After the VS experience and paying forty dollars for her bra, I knew I wanted to get out of this mall. One last stop to Brookstone, which is a store that specializes in unique and quirky electronic stuff. Right in the front was the recliner display. I threw my torso into this unit and starting playing with the remote control. I could massage my whole body with the touch of a button, even my feet, even my head.  I sat in the chair for a half an hour and didn’t care what all of the looky-loo’s were thinking. I was a new man when I pried my body out of the chair. The chair is a little pricy, around $3000.  I am considering it because I would always be happy staying home.