Sibling Rivalry with Tennis Rackets

September 9, 2015

 Tuesday gave us another look at the long running sibling rivalry between Serena and Venus Williams. This doesn’t appear to be much of a rivalry because Serena is owning her sister on the court and also it appears to be too huggee-kissy to be a true rivalry anymore. The Venus match was no fly trap (bad pun) for Serena, she won in three sets and moved on to her quest to do a bit of history. She faces a big test moving forward into the semis to play Roberta Vinci, whom she has never beaten.    

A true sibling rivalry needs a little more at stake and perhaps a little more jealousy to make it a true rivalry. The Williams girls appear to be like best buds or BBF’s to be very compelling.  I think when they were younger, and both were more at equal ability this rivalry was more potent.   At 35, Venus Williams is not going to beat her sister any time soon until they retire and are playing on the celebrity retiree charitable event circuit. 

Those of you with siblings all know what a good competition is like between your brothers and sisters. You may have multiple siblings and love them all but there is that one sibling that brings out the extra fire in your belly. It doesn’t even have to be sports related that heats up the rivalry, it could be a game of Monopoly, tiddlywinks or boyfriends and girlfriends.  It is probably more prevalent when the ages are closer because you have to blaze the same trail for most of your youth. I had three older brothers and one sister that at times had squabbles with, but could only truly fought my closest in age brother. The other two were too big and I got my ears boxed in.  

I wonder how Peyton and Eli Manning did as they were growing up because they look like a couple of guys that probably duked it out. It is so weird to get into a brawl with your brother.  You are not fighting another kid or bully, but it is the guy that is stealing your loose change or who you think is cheating at cards. You don’t want to punch for the face but perhaps a submission hold or head lock is going to get them to submit.  

Maybe deep down the Williams sisters are sick of each of others drama, but probably not. As you get older you either grow closer together or in some sad cases, never engage with them often, maybe only at holidays. I am thinking that the siblings that were your most heated rivals will be your closet ally and we be your bud to the end.