Football is Everywhere

August 6, 2015

The NFL training camps are in full swing and the season only a month away. Just to let you know that football is played in various forms in other parts of the world. In Ireland its Gaelic football and in Australia they play Australian Rules Football (Footy) and not to mention rugby that is played worldwide.  In fact, the Rugby World Cup is coming up in September in England. If you are not that familiar with the way football is played everywhere else in the world except America and Canada, then you owe to yourself to check it out.  The games are faster with less wasted time for beer commercials and instant replay. The all have contact and tackling which appeals to the US fan and there is great athleticism on display throughout the games.  The biggest difference is the size of the players, no three-hundred-and-fifty-pound lineman are running down the field passing and kicking the ball. The Australia Rule Football League is serious stuff, with the most high-speed body contact of the three. I did forget to mention that the players on these squads are using minimal padding and protection. Even though I wouldn’t want a three-hundred-pound lineman pounding me down into the turf, I also couldn’t take a fierce Aussie crashing into me in midair. The crowds are just as boisterous and go bonkers on scores like the NFL fans.  If I ever make it over to Ireland it would be a tossup for which sport, I would want to see first, Gaelic football or Hurling. Treat yourself and go down to an Irish pub and check out some of this action.