US Women’s Soccer Team, Defense is Stellar Again!

June 28, 2015

The US woman soccer team beat China, 1-0, in the same manner they have been beating their prior opponents in the Cup Tourney. They’ve been wearing down the opposition with suffocating defense and efficient ball control.

Up until now, the offense hadn’t found its formula for a higher scoring output. The offense had been in a low risk, low reward mode which has been just good enough to win. For all we know, Jill Ellis and the rest of the coaching staff knew that their opponents would be pressed to score so the emphasis has been not giving anything away. It appeared the passing on offensive end had been slow and not spread out enough to create good passing lanes. Against China, the offense showed some positive signs with Morgan Brian and Carli Lloyd bringing the spark they have been lacking. Both helped the once plodding offense with speed and ball movement that gives this team hope. When they get to full strength with the return of some key players, the team will further improve.

Which leads to Germany looming on Tuesday, the 30th of July.  It will be very intriguing to see how this unfolds with the number one defense, (USA) against the number offense, (Germany).  Who will bend first?  US still looks fresh and poised to rise to the occasion. If they win, look out, they will be tough to stop.