2015 the Year in Sports, Not Really

December 31, 2015

 Every year there is a rundown of the big sports stories of the year and so be it, champs were crowned, and great achievements happened. Sometimes the biggest story of the year is not the down trodden team that finally won but for everybody it’s much more personal. This is why we watch and participate in our beloved sports, we feel it in our body and soul and it drives us crazy some time.

Sure, the Kansas City Royals, the Golden State Warriors, the New England Patriots, the US Woman’s soccer team, Serena Williams, Jeff Gordon, the Chicago Blackhawks and horse named American Pharaoh were great stories, but so was your kid’s home run in Little League that won the championship.   We invest so much time watching and attending sporting events that also must take notice of our own achievements. Did you win the club championship in tennis?  Did your team win the bowling championship for the second time in a row?

When you see all of the bad behavior, money grubbing and celebrity worshiping involved in professional sports, you are finding more and more people being turned off. Paying hundreds of dollars to see these events doesn’t help the cause for the fans. Maybe it’s time in 2016 to make your own sporting moment and become your own highlight reel. If that’s not for you, help out with your kid’s soccer team or support a local team.

Personally, for me, when I heard Meadowlark Lemon died on December 27th, it made me sad because I know what he stood for. He was my first basketball hero, long before Jordan, James, Bird, Johnson etc. He made basketball fun and he also was a really darn good player as well. You don’t see a lot of that in sports these days because it seems to be a lot of serious business. The Harlem Globetrotters have been around what seems forever and it will be Meadowlark Lemon who will always be the most famous and beloved player to be associated with the team. Salute Meadowlark Lemon and have great sporting 2016!