Madison Bumgarner: A Legend in the Making

February 23, 2015

Mad Bum, as he is called by his San Francisco Giant teammates is one of those athletes you can’t help but like. He is a nice young man, humble and always putting his teammates first. He has a little wild side to him as he has been photographed holding up six open beer bottles above his mouth after winning the rounds of baseball play offs. Okay, maybe is isn’t a saint but he sure saved the San Francisco Giants in the World Series.

Mad Bum is a fierce and relentless competitor with a calm demeanor except for when Yusiel Puig tries to showboat him. Some say he has ice water running through his veins, as appears stoic on the baseball mound. He is not the type to implode with his emotions when things don’t go his way as it appears, he bears down and refocuses to deliver his best effort.

Bumgarner at the age of twenty-six has two World Series rings and the Series MVP to put under his belt. Pitchers like him do not come around often, a tall left hander with an easy motion that looks deceiving to most batters. Because of the angle the ball comes out from his motion along with velocity, his pitches are hard to get a read on. When he has a master of his release point and pitch location, he is unhittable. Bumgarner also takes pride in his hitting, he knocked out four home runs last year, and two were grand slams.

When baseball experts look at the San Francisco Giants for 2015, they are picked to not repeat their exploits. Every year the Giants have won the Series, they have been picked as under dogs. Mad Bum is the pitching ace of the staff and loves nothing more than to be picked as an underdog, again. Please, Major League Baseball don’t unleash the Mad Bum for your own good.