Jason Day Battles to Win the PGA Championship

August 17, 2015

It was 100 degrees outside, the ballgame and the PGA Championship was on TV, the couch was inviting, and the AC was turned down, heaven. The PGA Championship was one of the better golf tournaments I have seen broadcasted on TV. First you have the incredible rounds that Jason Day and Jordan Spieth put together, but the stories behind the two golfers was also compelling.  In addition, the coverage of the event was superb with technology that follows ball trajectory, the close up of putts and super slow motion of the club face hitting the ball was very captivating.

Jason Day, Australian, as you know won this event in record fashion with an amazing minus twenty under to hold off Jordan Spieth who was breathing down his neck all day.  They started the day with Day having a two-stroke lead and ended with Day holding a three-stroke advantage.  All eyes were on Day to see if he could withstand the pressure of Spieth and play a great final round of golf.  Day did just that by blasting incredibly long drives that gave him good fair way looks. Jordan Spieth couldn’t match Day on the driving portion, but he has proven to be an accurate shot maker and very good putter. This combination of skills has made him the number one player in the world, overtaking Rory McIlroy with an amazing run this year.

The story within the story is Jason Day’s path to glory. His father passed away when he was young, his mom struggled to raise him, so she sells her home to put him into a boarding school. While there, Day discovers golf and meets his mentor, father figure and lifelong caddie, Colin Swatton. For fifteen years the two have been a team and they hugged with the tears of joys flowing when Day sank the final putt. Those who were rooting for Spieth couldn’t help seeing how this victory was life changing for Jason Day.

Jason Day didn’t crumble under the pressure, in fact it appeared to make him stronger. When you have the number one golfer chasing you, Day’s performance was rock solid. Only once did I see him hit an awkward shot, and he was able rein it in and keep the shot mastery moving forward.  It was a good day for the golf world, the tournament scoring was record setting, the competition was fierce and the young guns are making everybody forget about Tiger Woods.  Salute Jason Day and Jordan Spieth!