Men’s Wimbledon Showdown

July 12, 2015

When the number 1 seed, Novic Djokovic, faced off against, the number 2 seed, Roger Federer then you knew you had to watch this spectacle. I usually don’t miss the Wimbledon finals but honestly there have been years when you didn’t want to invest five hours to watch Roger Federer destroy whoever he was playing in the finals, (poor Andy Roddick). Seeing the accession of Federer to the finals is good for this event.

The first set went to Djokovic playing his usual power game but Federer with using his steady ground strokes held in there. The two traded blows but Djokovic eventually took the set to 7-6 margin to an entertained capacity Wimbledon crowd. Federer fell behind in the second set and this was starting to look like a short day for him. Federer being down 3-6 was able to claw back to 6 -6.  The two traded volleys and ferocious serves to 7-7, but Federer finally caught him and beat to him to 10, after a 15-minute battle.

The beginning of the third set still played like a chess match with Federer still able to make great sideline volleys and slicing with precision. In the third game Djokovic was able to break Federer’s serve which turned to be a major turning point in the match. Soon after the rain clouds creeped in and the tarp was stretched over the court. The short break appeared to be a benefit to Djokovic who came out able to handle anything that Federer threw at him. Federer stopped converting as many aces and the Djokovic became clinical with great shot making.

More of the same ensued in the fourth set with Djokovic again breaking Federer’s serve.  Djokovic was getting appreciative responses from an always pro –Federer crowd, as he has earned it. The final set going 6-3 to Mr. Djokovic who repeated against Federer and won his third overall Wimbledon. Even though, Djokovic won, Federer didn’t play bad himself, always with graciousness and respect for his opponents. Djokovic as well gave Federer his props for being the great elder statesmen for tennis.

Djokovic is at the height of his game and looks to be on a run for a few more years. With his size, strength and power, he reminds me of Ivan Lendl but with just more precision and skill. This was his ninth overall Major victory putting him behind Nadal and Federer. He also just missed winning the French Open so by the time he hangs up his racket, he will be enshrined as one of the best.