Deflatgate, The Final Word…Yeah Right

August 22, 2015

 Deflated balls, deflated Roger Goodell, deflated Tom Brady, deflated story, I will say my last word on this sad story of the football that didn’t have enough air in it. Unfortunately, the National Football League has created one of the most pathetic news stories centered around one of the most useless and under blown circumstances I have seen in my lifetime. I had to think long and hard to find such a sad little affair that caused such a quagmire of tom foolery and buffoonery.  Hmm, maybe in baseball, the George Steinbrenner era when he held court for embarrassing behavior or perhaps the Terrell Owens incident of the 49ers when he signed footballs in the end zone and there are of course the juiced baseballs of Coors field that explained the home run totals.

The NFL is having a bad couple of years due to off the field circumstances and misadventures of the players and coaches. Unfortunately, the league office is also looking bad because they don’t know whether they should do nothing, make a mountain out of a mole hill or hand down a harsh whooping. In these days when the is NFL is making more money than 9/10 of the countries in the world, they are having some bad growing pains.

Giving Tom Brady a four-game suspension for the fact that he may have known about deflated balls is one of those harsh whooping’s. Here you have your Super Bowl MVP, icon of the league, poster boy for good sportsmanship and you deflate him. Maybe Tom shouldn’t have destroyed his phone, but then again maybe he had some pictures on there that he couldn’t explain.  I wouldn’t want anybody to see some of the jib jab on my phone and I’m just an average everyday Joe Smoe.

So, the season is just a few weeks away and I can also assure, that something else will happen like another domestic dispute, drug suspension, concussions, cheerleader misconduct, referee mayhem, National Anthem inappropriateness, etc., etc. But the kick offs will be kicked and beer will flow and the yelling will begin and the NFL again will be king again while no one watches the World Series and the Rugby World Cup is broadcasted on an obscure channel in an Irish pub.