In Pursuit of the 300 Yard Drive

November 14, 2016

There comes a point when as a golfer that you say to yourself, “I need some lessons, new clubs and play more.” I have been saying this for a few years now and finally made the first step and purchased a quality driver. The driver costs more than what I paid for my whole set.   I did my diligence on the internet and found one that fit the budget without creating a big discussion with my wife. I saved my pennies and went down to the golf shop, got fitted and went to blast away on their course simulator. It felt right in my hand and I was excited to let it rip on the course.  Even though in the golf course simulator I barely could hit it 180 yards, I thought this was just an aberration until on got onto the links.

I pull out my Taylor M1 Driver on the 1st hole with a 380-yard distance. The grip on the club feels good in the hand and I think that I cannot miss with this behemoth of a club head. I take a few practice swings and I keep it in my head not to swing for the fences.  I focus on mechanics and just want to hit one down the middle of the fairway.  I would settle for 225-yard drive if it just played down the middle. My golf buddies are watching and they know I am using a new driver.  They expect a big shot. I smoothly go into my backswing and focus on lining up my downward motion.  Crack, I nail it. Ut oh, it begins to fade, and then really fade and now I am thirty yards into the middle of the fairway next to ours.  Shame and embarrassment ensues and there is a short period of silence, then followed by, “oh crap”.

I know you golfers have had this type of shame and disappointment, plenty of times. If I hit the ball three hundred on that first drive, then I would have wondered why anybody wouldn’t go out and get a driver like this. It is my golfers dream to hit my drives 280 to 300 yards down the middle. Of course, we all have those dreams, but most will settle for just hitting the ball in fairway with respectable distance. Now what am I going to do. Before I throw in the towel and let a pro tell me what to do, I will be stubborn and try to work it out by my own means.

There will have to be some time and investment that I will attempt without the obvious need for a few good tips. There are devices on the internet that you can set up to analyze your swing by using your cell phone and an application. The next step is hit a few hundred buckets of balls.  This will be a challenge to figure the right mechanics and swing speed to get this going in the right direction. After I have somewhat have the ability to hit a straight shot, I want some distance.  I know that by increasing my swing speed will be the biggest obstacle and challenge in my long ball pursuit.

Even though golf is probably the most frustrating and biggest mind screw of a game there comes lot self-satisfaction when the shot you have shanked hundreds of times goes where you aimed.   Once you get to level when you approach a 90 score, you get excited for that you are improving.  Yes that 300-yard drive is out there for me to obtain but I know that a lot of slices and 200-yard worm burners have to be hit before I even sniff 280 yards. Happy Hacking!