The Oakland Raiders Shuffle

March 6, 2017

The current misdeeds of the Oakland Raiders are void of player and coach’s involvement, they have done everything to uphold the “Just Win Baby” mantra.   After the long losing spell of thirteen years the franchise is experiencing a rebirth and winning ways. The loyal fans of the Raiders, ever so brash are over the top excited about the future of their beloved team.    After years of downward spiraling and revolving doors for coaches and quarterbacks they finally found their leaders. 

The proposed move to Las Vegas is about as shameful an organization can be.   The move hasn’t been approved yet by the league owners and the financing hasn’t been settled yet.  If the league approves the move it would because they don’t want to keep any team from moving, look at San Diego.  Fans do not factor in any equation, it’s about luxury corporate suites, the big prize that the owners say is key to their survival.  It appears owner Mark Davis was never serious about keeping the team in Oakland.  The play to get the city of Oakland to come up with a plan for a new stadium was a sham.

I am sure the Mr. Davis would deny any such accusation about his real desire to move the team to anywhere except Oakland.   You can bet that Davis wants Las Vegas so bad because he will have the loyal Raider fan base that will travel to Vegas along with the local population and the tourist factor.   He will get a chunk of money from the NFL to build the stadium along with local financing.   The financing will be his only hurdle to overcome.   I cannot see a situation where financing wouldn’t be made available.

Oakland will lose their team for the second time in its history.   Mark Davis will follow in the footsteps of his dad as being a franchise mover.  I personally feel that Davis is wrong to do this but I am not sure what actually is driving him to move.   If the bottom line is only money than he would be better off just selling the team for a billion dollars and riding off into the sunset.   He could easily sell it to an investor who would keep the team in Oakland.   It must be about keeping his dad’s legacy going.    When this does go down, it will be sad day for the NFL to do this to a city.    Oakland is an original AFL franchise with a storied past that will be sent packing to Las Vegas, the soulless city of the America.  I can’t see the Raiders having an identity there, they will be just another attraction like Wayne Newton.  Good Luck Mr. Davis, your hair cut is ridiculous, and karma will haunt you.