Jack Lalanne, Where Are You?

April 19, 2017

We are confronted by the all experts telling us we need to do this and eat this and to stay fit and live a long and happy life. Choices and more choices and decisions and more confusion. I heard on the radio today a doctor telling me his secret to working out.  He is saying you should work out with a friend for encouragement. You should also change up your exercise routine every so often to keep it fresh. It goes on and on. It doesn’t stick in my head because it all becomes just noise after all these years.

I am no doctor, or physical trainer, professional athlete but I have been exercising for my whole life. I have also had stretches where I have done no exercise except maybe push a lawn mower which I considered physical exercise. Does going to the grocery store count?  I know it does on my Fitbit. I have tried so many different routines and purchased a plethora of equipment that could outfit a gym.

I saw an advertisement for an exercise program for 8 minutes a day. I have to laugh because there seems to be a race to who can come up with the shortest routine. We are getting close to the five-minute routine. Just purchase the set of DVDs’ for $49.99 and the dieting guide to own a killer body in two weeks. It’s coming trust me, so is the one-minute workout.

I have thought long and hard about this so-called fitness noise. If you are like most people you want to feel good, strong, and flexible and have good health. Simple enough. The real secret is that it doesn’t take hours of torture and ways to trick yourself into working out. You can do fifteen minutes of old-fashioned calisthenics like Jack Lalanne used to do every day on his television programs. You don’t need to pump endless iron and an do an hour of the Daily Method.  If you like it then good for you. If want to spend hours every week doing yoga in a hot room with dozens of other people, great for you. But never try to convince that you need to do it to survive and be in good physical health.

I see ads for the ultimate torture type exercise program that will make you into a rock-hard muscle machine.  Great, do it. But can you consistently do it for very long? Probably not. Once you stop, you have to get back on that program and start at the bottom rung again. It’s like yo-yo dieting. Best that you do a moderate to easy routine daily or every other day and keep it going. The dividends will pay off higher in the long run.

You ever see those older Asian people doing Tai Chi in the park. It looks simple right. Well it’s supposed to be. They are performing consistent movements with their body that keeps them strong and limber. Look up Jack Lalanne and see what he has to offer. It’s a beautiful thing to see the simplicity of his message.