The Exterminator

How does one become an exterminator? If your father was an exterminator, there may be a chance you will become one too. The fellow that came to my house to do some bug killing and prevention of all those little critters that get into the inner sanctum of my home, was a really nice guy. I didn’t get the chance to ask him how he became a master bug hitman. I know if I had that job I would have nightmares of spiders crawling on me. They would be coming after me for all of the carnage I inflicted on his friends. This exterminator could have chosen any profession on the planet but the path he took was one of pest control. I know its value as a profession and should not be judged as a lesser of a choice, but it seems odd to find oneself doing the job. The choices we make are so finely diced between the paths we take. The difference between an exterminator and an entomologist or the crime scene cleanup crew and a detective and yes…a peep show operator and movie director can be separated by only one choice that gets made in a lifetime.