First Class State of Mind

When you board a plane and work your way down the aisle after you pass through first class, you just say to yourself, “someday.”  I personally have never sat in first class, not even business class. I always figured I could suffer in my cheap seat for long enough to justify my budget restraint.  I will eat the small bag of nuts and pay for my cocktails and except my fate.  I always try to get a row seat so I can an extra few inches to hang into the aisle.  The only problem with the aisle seats is the reality is that you are you are going to get bumped into by passerby’s and maybe even the drink cart. 

        I have noticed over the years that each plane has a few seats that give more leg room that first class.  There are the planes that have the emergency exits with extra room.  Some planes have 2 rows on each side with the extra spacing.  Some planes have the row right after first class ends that a lot of extra room.  In fact the seat on the end has three of leg space.  So if you book your flights early look for those rows if you want a little extra space.  It’s not first class but it feels a lot better especially when the person in front of you decides to recline their seat. 

Leg space 1.JPG
Leg space 2 .JPG