Can You Fix My Face, Doc?

I was coaxed into watching the Golden Globe Awards the other night. I gave it a quick gander before I lost interest and dozed off. I couldn’t take any more of this spectacle of famous folk thanking everybody liked they just found the cure for an infectious disease. My takeaway from this show; Hollywood sells many dreams. One of these dreams is eternal beauty. Actors and actresses try to hang onto their looks as long as human nature allows them. Their face is their resume and if the resume is outdated, producers look elsewhere. Such is the reality, so either you have to deal with it or make some changes. The facelift has been around for decades and many of actors have gone this route. They don’t call them facelifts any more, its call cosmetic surgery. The trend is to get the cheekbones and wrinkles pumped with Botox or collagen. Then consider getting some work on the old schnozzolla (nose). Next have your lips pumped with goo as well and then have your face stretched like silly putty. Then you have the look, a cross between a Keebler elf and a troll. Sadly, you can spot the work and everybody knows it was done. It seems that those who choose to go forward with the procedures can’t stop with one. Once they remove the bags under your eyes then you must certainly have to have your skin lasered to remove all imperfections and don’t forget the extra chin. The doctors won’t stop until they perfect the ultimate facelift of putting a new face over your old face. It may be made of pigskin, but it will be smooth as a baby’s bottom. To eliminate waste, the pig snouts will get sold to Dim Sum restaurants. It’s a win win.