Fundraising and Charity Madness

Because of our current tax code, giving to charitable organizations is a write off that lowers your overall tax bill. That’s why rich people get their names on buildings and institutes. I try to give away some of my loot to worthwhile causes. The problem nowadays is that after you give to a lot of charities you open the door for continuing badgering for more. First, it’s the simple letters, then emails and phone calls, then comes the real pleading when you get a big envelope with a coin embedded in the package. They say that coin represents some one’s wages in another country. These charities will give you beautiful calendars and envelope stamps. Please stop with this nonsense, you just chopped down a forest of trees for these calendars. Everybody with half a brain knows what day it is. Trying to play the guilt card is not a good enough reason to be charitable. It’s kind of like politicians selling fear as their only message.  Being charitable comes from the heart first then all of the other emotions can come pouring out. Keep it simple charitable people, just ask once or twice a year and give me the lowdown on your work.