Your Suit is Outdated…Again

Why is a suit and tie considered the standard for being dressed up?  Why is it that when you put any man or scoundrel in a suit then all of the sudden they are thought of as respectable, dignified and well dressed. What a crock of hooey. I am glad there has been a trend to get away from this hot mess of an idea. Women’s fashions change all of the time but for some reason a suit appears to be stuck in a time warp. Designers can change the length, the lapels and buttons but you still recognize it as a suit.

Can you imagine a 100-year run of t shirts and cargo pants as the standard for well dressed? Or Hawaiian shirts considered to be the gold standard for respectable clothing? In Hawaii… they seem to think so.  And cowboys don’t wear suits. Cowboys have their work clothes and dress duds but essentially look the same except one set is cleaner and less worn than the other.  I have my work shorts and my dress shorts as well.  I own a suit and might have to dust it off for a wedding or a funeral but never anything else. For all of those who have to wear a damn suit all of the time, it must feel like a clown outfit at the end of the day.  You have to care for it and have expensive dry cleaning to maintain it.  The first thing a man does who wears a suit to work is when he gets in the car to go home is loosen or rip off the tie.  The tie is another lame fashion accessory that needs to be ratcheted down in importance.  A piece of silk tied around your neck is not worthy of any respect… why should it?  I rather see a Mr. T gold medallion than some striped piece of cloth, even worse a solid colored fish shaped piece of material that hangs down to the bottom of your pot belly.  The movement to eliminate the suit must continue to prevail.  A rather see a man of dignity in a bath robe, makes more sense.  When he is done impressing everybody, he simply whips it off and presents a pair of shorts and a t shirt.  Everybody is put at ease. Now men can be men.