Rock n Roll Clothing Needs a Reset

The seventies and eighties where the height of absurd clothing worn by rock stars.  Now rock stars and musicians wear on stage something that looks like they picked up at a thrift store that was never cool when it was new.  The seventies rockers wore everything from skimpy tops, tight pants and humongous bell bottoms to leather chaps. The men could wear anything from pirate get ups to space age tin foil outfits.  The eighties were more about spandex, but they also brought back the suit as a stylish choice.  Suits have been banned from the stage since 1989.  The grunge look of the early nineties was a low point for rock n roll clothing because army boots with shorts and flannel shirts is never going to be cool.  They dummies who followed this trend are just slobs in disguise and posers.  Unless you were Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam the rest of the rockers were copy cats that look foolish.  Nowadays its anything goes. I still think the performers should look different than the audience. I want to be entertained with both sight and sound otherwise I could just stay home and listen for free.  Come on rock stars put-on seven-inch space boots with a clown outfit and sing about outer space.  The show must go on.