Another selfie?... Thank God, I almost forgot what you looked like

Most people think the word selfie is a recent invention, which may be true.  People have taken their own self-portraits with cameras… for I don’t know, maybe 150 years.  People posting their selfies on the internet, maybe twenty-five? People snapping a lot of selfies of themselves has really boomed in the last ten to fifteen with smartphones. You think people are getting very curious of their own perception of themselves?  They want to know what others think of them as they smile and pose in a cute outfit. They want immediate feedback and there is a certain number they have in mind of responses they want to see.  If that number meets that threshold then their self-esteem is lifted.  All is fine and dandy when the image that has been displayed gets adequate response… but if it doesn’t?  What happens next? Is it back to the drawing board for a better picture? Is your day ruined?  There are two choices to battle the feelings of inadequacy;  first and foremost, avoid all attempts to post selfies to build your self-esteem. Second, and probably the only tried and true way to get a lot of responses is to give the people something really interesting to look at.  If that means putting on a suit or cocktail dress, then do it. But if you really want to get some action try putting on a neck brace or an eye patch.  What I am trying to tell you is give the people something they really have to talk about.  This random pose of you sitting there with a cheesy grin is old and tiresome, I’m bored with it and I know by now what you look like.  If you want to take one normal picture of yourself and post it January 1st,  keep the trend so I will be able to see a documented display of your aging.  In the meantime, wear a Lady GaGa outfit or sport a mowhawk and make me chuckle as I press the button saying, “Yah I like it.”