Collecting Stuff...and More Stuff

I used to collect stuff...things like baseball cards, Mad Magazines and GI Joes. As I got older, I collected concert tickets, T shirts, and books. Years passed and I moved onto tools, guitars and knives. Then it became a fascination with magazines, tin signs and beer glasses. Now I have a house full of stuff that I don’t know what to do with.  Memories are one thing but having all this stuff means that there is no room to collect more stuff. Hoarders just say screw it, I’m going to stack this stuff as high as I can. Then I’m going to collect more stuff just because I have no control over myself. There is the old saying, “the things you own, really own you.” Sadly, it’s true.  If you own vehicles, boats and houses you soon find out the bitter truth. Look at all of the time spent taking care of this stuff. Oh, how I would love not to have all of the stuff I shamelessly have in my home.  Yes, I can have a garage sale or give it all away.  Most of us will not do this and will rely on our loved ones to get rid of it when we die.  The saying, “you can’t take it with you when you die,” gets put to the test every day. You must know that every garage sale has dead people’s stuff, to be reincarnated into someone else’s existence. This is the cycle of life.