Old Rock Singers Voices

A lot of our beloved classic rock singers are approaching seventy years old and some have even surpassed it.  The years of traveling and partying takes its toll. A lot of these performers check out before they even reach sixty.  This is the price they pay to the devil for living the rock n roll life.  The ones that make it into their sixties lose their singing voice to something that sounds like a cross between a cartoon character and a bag full of marbles.  Bob Dylan is uncipherable. There should be subtitles shown when he sings.  Van Morrison mostly talk sings and Mick Jagger is basically shouting into the mic.  Now that more recordings of our favorite bands are available on music streaming services you get to hear the evolution of our favorite singers.  You hear their youthful voices progress over years into deeper versions.  The cigarette smoke and fast living adds a little sandpaper to the vocal chords. I am not a doctor, but I think the amplified music petrifies their eardrums and this doesn’t allow the singers to hear what they are singing about.  For those who choose the rock n roll path, we love you for it and the sacrifice.  Next time you hear Neil Young singing on stage don’t cringe, just be thankful he’s standing there carrying on. Long Live Rock and Roll!