It's Another Television Talent Show!

I cannot watch anymore of these competitions. They all have the same general format of a performance followed by critique from a panel of judges. Most of the judges are not experts in the field of the performers schtick. The poor sap has to stand in front of these boobs to either receive praise or tell them that they are sounding a little off pitch. The winners of these competitions are those who look halfway decent on TV and are somewhat likeable. The most despairing part of some of these shows is when they let the general public participate in the voting. Talent doesn’t always win over a participant with the look. Every year there seems to be more of these types of shows infiltrating the airwaves with the same format.  Now they have a judge panel for ventriliquists, mimes, chickens that play piano and blind jugglers. I am waiting for the day when the performer can tell the judge to screw them self and they wouldn’t know talent if they saw it. So what, you were once a character on a sitcom, that doesn’t make you an expert on anything.