Mean People Suck

We meet and see mean people all the time. Or are they just temporarily mean? I myself get temporarily mean when I lose patience. I lose patience with those who lack simple manners. I don’t expect others to have impeccable politeness and social grace, but I think there is a basic code that needs to be followed. ‘Treat others the way you would like to be treated.’ Having contempt and to constantly complain about others actions will lead you down a hole of misery. Don’t be known as Mr. Crankypants or Ms. Bitchwitch.  If you call these people out on their sourpuss ways, they tend to tell you to go screw yourself. The strategy of telling the meanies about their behavior never works because they are overly defensive. The best defense that always works, well at least 90% of the time is the love bomb. Laugh at their meanness and watch their head explode. Blow them a kiss. Imitate their behavior. Console their whimpers by asking them, “I heard about your problems, are you okay?” Flip it on them. Whatever you do don’t give them the reaction they want. This might make them meaner, but you can laugh harder. You can ask them if they need something, offer them a hug.  After they tell you to go F yourself, tell them that maybe lack of sex is their problem. Maybe they need a little lovey dovey and you can suggest some support or direct them to a 1-800 phone sex number.