Most Fist Fights Are Not Worth Watching

Most fist fights I have seen are rarely much of a fight. Two angry people going toe to toe in some kind of bare-knuckle boxing match never happens. Two people performing martial arts on each other is fictional horse dung. I once saw a kid in seventh grade land a side kick to the face of another kid. It was straight out of a Bruce Lee movie and that’s how he probably learned it. I have never seen a similar kick that landed in my lifetime.  Most brawls involve over amped people who should just take a chill pill but quickly decide to lay harm to each other. The punches are never haymakers but more of a slurry of short choppy punches that are blocked because one person is on the ground covering up. It’s unsettling to see one person hit another in the face. It’s cringeworthy.  I have taken some blows to the mug and have decided I don’t want to have to endure that any more. Black eyes and chipped teeth just make you look like a freak show to be stared at. I also can’t stomach hair pulling because I think it’s dirty fighting, so is kicking to the knee cap along with sucker punching to the nose unless you have been jumped by a thug. Those who do this should get a big dose of bad karma and a kick in the privates.